Our Services

MicroInspire work as aggregator of insurance company, where we provide policy and claim management support. To ease the support, we also integrate technology with partner organization(s).

In Policy Management

Depending on the discussion of partner organization we can manage policy. Partner will decide the data sharing methods. It can be managed manually or digitally.

In case of digital enrolment policy owner can create policy through individual enrolment or via API connectivity with their existing system.

Policy Administration is another important area of policy management; policy detail extract or changing policy according to policy owner need is important.

Very next step after policy creation is Cover Calculation. We do cover calculation according to the need of parties; insurer, policy owner etc.

In Claim Management

Claim is the indispensable part of any insurance product. Insurance policy is there to cover certain risk and claim is to overcome that risk. If any incident occur related to that risk, a claim has to be raised.

Current practice of the market doesn’t guide about proper claim rising. MicroInspire helps the policy owner to raise a claim with proper guideline and documentation.

After a claim received, we do all initial administrative task, so that the claim to reach to the insurer and also support to settle the claim as early as possible.